Visol Lowell Red Single Torch




This Single Torch Flame Cigar Lighter Features an extra large viewing window into the fuel tank, allowing you to keep up to date on when you need to refill so you don’t worry about running out of butane. The single butane torch is remarkably strong, assuring a quick light up every time. On the base you can find both the refueling port and a small cigar punch so you can light up wherever you happen to be.


♦  Red Finish with Matte Black Details; Exposed Transparent Fuel Tank

♦  Single Action Activation, Pull Back on the Cap to Trigger the Torch

♦  Approximate Dimensions: 2.8 x 1.3 x 0.5 inches

♦  Features Built In Cigar Punch On Base

♦  Butane Refill Port On Base;

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Gunmetal, Red, yellow


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