Welcome to our new and expanded tobacco offering – Royal Star Pipes!

The main materials used in these Royal Star Pipes are Italian & Algerian Briar and Turkish Meerschaum, which provides a unique experience when smoking a pipe.

Hand carved Meerschaum pipes from Turkey has a deep history dating back to the 1600’s.  Block Meerschaum has been the premium choice for material in the world’s most prestigious pipes. It is consider incombustible, lightweight, and extremely porous – making it a popular choice to use, as it provides tobacco the finest taste, while offering the smoker a dry and cool smoke.

The purest form of the Turkish block meerschaum is found deep underground in deposits near central Turkey. The meerschaum in raw form must be passed through a large number of hands before it will eventually become one of the finest smoking pipes in the world.

All pipes will are made and coming directly from Turkey, and will require additional shipping time and fees ($40). We promise that the pipes will be worth the wait due to their exceptional quality.

We currently have four categories of pipes that we sell:

White Meerschaum Pipes

Color Meerschaum Pipes

Briar Freehand Pipes

Poker Briar Pipes