Montecristo Rabbit Air Raffle Drawing

Montecristo Rabbit Air Raffle!

Purchase any 5 Montecristo cigars -  get 1 Raffle Ticket and 1 Free Cigar!

Purchase any 10 Montecristo cigars - get 3 Raffle Tickets and 2 Free Cigars!

Purchase any 20 Montecristo cigars - get 10 Raffle Tickets and 4 Free Cigars!

Raffle will be held on April 1st. 

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The big names have great cigars, but so do the “little” guys. These cigars are made by companies that we define as boutique. They may not have a line of family members in their org chart, and actually they probably don’t have an org chart, but they are just as passionate as companies that have been living and breathing cigars for generations. They are often lean and mean, focusing on the quality of their craft over quantity of cigars sold. Not that the “big” guys don’t have the same eye for quality assurance, but sometimes, well, they don’t. Boutique cigar companies are worth checking out and we do our best to carry the best.

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