Black Lion Luxuries Cigar of the Month Club

The Black Lion Luxuries Cigar of the Month club is a monthly delivery that will include an incredible mixture of aged, premium, boutique or hard-to-find cigars from names you may know or ones that are about to become staples in your humidor! All curated by RonRealTV, aka Ronald McCoy, and James (Manager of BLL) – true cigar aficionados. who keep track of the market, trends and exciting cigars.

We will be honest – this isn’t a club of one-offs where you will never be able have that cigar again. We believe that one of the most important part of the leaf community is being able to share and recommend cigars. We also believe that if you like the cigar, why not load the humidor up with it!

Another fun disclaimer – this club is for the cigar aficionado that wants to expand their palette and knowledge, while not emptying their wallet at a cigar shop. It however, might now be for the new smoker who might miss some of the notes on their palettes – but it will expand what you are smoking.

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The big names have great cigars, but so do the “little” guys. These cigars are made by companies that we define as boutique. They may not have a line of family members in their org chart, and actually they probably don’t have an org chart, but they are just as passionate as companies that have been living and breathing cigars for generations. They are often lean and mean, focusing on the quality of their craft over quantity of cigars sold. Not that the “big” guys don’t have the same eye for quality assurance, but sometimes, well, they don’t. Boutique cigar companies are worth checking out and we do our best to carry the best.

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